Sunday, October 18, 2009


The video shows the example of a broken family which may be caused by the separation, Divorce of the child's parents and broken engagement.this will affect the behavior of their child,especially on the child's growth and development.

The family influences the child's attitude and behavior.when the home is broken due to the separation,divorce,or desertion,there is complication of antagonism between the parents and the shifting of the child from one parent to another.the possible effects of the broken home on the child are as follows.

1.conflict is created when the child is attracted to both parents,
2.the child carries within herself the continuing awareness of the problem,and the child may compare her home life with that of the children from unbroken homes which can make her jealous.

In Psychology,conflict represent situation involving this matter o conflict occurs whenever a person has to choose between incompatible,or contradictory needs,wishes,ideas,interest or people.

This situation ma be an example of approach-approach for of conflict wherein,it is the conflict between two positive goals.for example.the child may be asked to choose between her mother and her the child wants both.this creates choice bet.two positive goals.(because the child don't want a broken family he choose her both parents stay with her).